Custom WineKeeper Units

Whether an architect looking for a specific style, or restaurant with a unique space and bottle requirements, WineKeeper offers the option of customized units to match your goals.

CASE STUDY: Super Large Format Dispensing Units

For two separate clients, one on the east coast (America Eats in McLean, VA) and the other in Las Vegas (SLS Hotel), we made sets of dispensing units to showcase their wine program. These units utilize thermo-electric cooling systems to serve white wine (45-48°F) or red wine (55-58°F) at optimal temperatures.

They are pressurized with their own built-in Nitrogen/Argon refillable cylinders to allow quality taste for up to 14 days. These are statement pieces, and we assume to be the only ones of this size in North America! (Lead time 6-8 weeks).


Refurbishing WineKeeper Units

Occasionally we get requests to refurbish older WineKeeper units. Our units stand up well over time but the 'plumbing' and exteriors can use an update after years of heavy use. In the pictures shown we took a pair of 10 year old Oak Sonoma units and did the following:

  • Changed the look from stained oak to satin black lacquer
  • Changed faucets from black plastic to stainless steel for a nice contrast
  • Inspected and tested the cooling systems
  • Replaced all the wine lines
  • Refurbished the stopper assemblies

The end result is like a new system for a fraction of the cost!

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Custom WineKeeper Units

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