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Compare Wine Dispensing & Preservation Systems

WineKeeper Refrigerated Lines Comparison

Which WineKeeper unit is right for you? Read a side-by-side comparison of Napa, Monterey, Monterey ETL and Magnum lines.

View Refrigerated Lines

The Keeper vs Nitrotap, Wikeeps, Coravin

What makes The Keeper different from Nitrotap, Wikeeps and Coravin dispensers?

View The Keeper Comparison

Non-Refrigerated Units: Nitrogen vs Argon

Is there an advantage to using Nitrogen vs Argon when preserving wine?

View Nitrogen vs Argon

Gas Cylinders Size Comparison

Guide to details such as service pressure, cubic feet of gas, type of regulator and shipping when choosing a cylinder type.

View Cylinder Comparison

International Regulator Adapters

We offer a variety of regulator connections for international use.

View Adapters Guide