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WineKeeper Customer Testimonials

We love the WineKeeper. It allows us to pour so many more wines by the glass and trust that they will be preserved. The fact that the unit looks cool and it stores wine at the proper temperature we consider a big bonus in cultivating our wine audience at the café. It's been a great asset to our business.

Matty O'Reilly, Co-owner, Café 318

[Napa WineKeeper] Now 20+ years old and just like the rabbits keeps going! Great product . . . we go through 300+ bottles a year.

Tom G.

Our WineKeeper unit entices customers to try different wines, and we have the added assurance that we are serving a truly fresh glass of wine. Their service has been excellent, and the unit needs virtually no maintenance.

Mike Morrison, General Manager, Bardenay's Restaurant & Distillery

We have had WineKeeper storage and dispensing units in operation for over 17 years. They are spectacular displays for our fine wines. There's no doubt they have contributed to our very successful wines by the glass program and 14 straight Wine Spectator Awards. I recommend WineKeeper without any hesitation

Brad Schuette, General Manager, Chuck’s of Hawaii

This is an amazing product that you have! It has given us the ability to be able to pour 16 different wines at our restaurant and I can't speak highly enough of it.

Luke Hurst, Hollywoods Pizza Bar Wangaratta

I knew we needed equipment that would really honor the labels we were serving. I had used WineKeeper at a bar in Kansas City years ago and was impressed with how it held higher end labels that we didn’t go through as often.

Jon Yeager, Beverage Director, Puckett's Boat House / PourTaste

After using the [Basic] Keeper, my wine stayed fresh for several weeks, I highly recommend it. When I first opened it, I was worried it would be difficult to use, but it is incredibly simple. All the components snap together easily, and I don't have to wait on opening a bottle because I don't have someone over for dinner.


WineKeeper has the best preservation and dispensing system out there and they look terrific. Their service is personal and dependable. We have them in four of our restaurants.

Tom Gilbertson, Partner, Pazzo / Chops City Grill / Louie’s California Bistro

My WineKeeper system allows me to showcase a greater variety of fine wines by the glass. It has helped us grow our wine by the glass sales. I highly recommend a WineKeeper system to anyone serious about a wine by the glass program. WineKeeper is the only way to go.

Michael Weyna, Owner, The Stained Glass Wine Bar Bistro

I have been a customer for approximately 12-14 years and I want to let you know how important your products are to me. I was born with alcohol intolerance. I am not able to have more than one glass of wine with dinner . . . but I love having that one glass, and the only way that I can do that, is to have your WineKeeper, so that a lovely bottle will not go 'bad' until I have finished it. I have tried other products and none of them work as well and as easily as your WineKeeper system. They truly keep the wine fresh for a long time.



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