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WineKeeper Chrome Bonnet Faucet Upgrade #15112

Upgrade refrigerated cabinet black faucets to chrome bonnets (add-on only).

WineKeeper Chrome Bonnet Faucet Upgrade (P/N 15112). Add sophisticated elegance to your refrigerated cabinet black faucets by upgrading to chrome bonnets (add-on only).

Quantity should match the number of taps on the cabinet you are ordering for example, a 4-bottle tap cabinet needs 4 brass bonnet upgrades for its faucet taps.

RRP: $14.00

Our Price: $14.00

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FedEx / USPS / Saver

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  • Capacity:noinfofound
  • Size:6 1/8h (in)
  • Weight:.4 lb
  • Power/Rating:noinfofound
  • Warranty:noinfofound
  • SKU:noinfofound
  • UPC:noinfofound

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